Geodeasy dome hire

Geodeasy Domes offer a versatile alternative to a marquee. Our domes are great for events and parties for both private and corporate hire. Dome hire are becoming increasingly popular for weddings, workshops, film shows, light displays, circus, theatrical, music usage and then some. The G-dome is so versatile that it can transform into a half dome to allow for a perfect small sheltered stage.

Why hire a dome, you say?

Domes are unique structures that give more flexibility in the creative planning of your event, there are no obstacles inside the dome to obstruct or interfere with the loveliness of your perfect event i.e. ropes and poles. Geodeasy Domes can be used freestanding, however if there are any gale-force-winds stabilising is advised but pegging necessity is minimal resulting in less damage to the land. At a strapping 5 metres high and 78 metres squared the capacity is between 80 to 120 people - or a few pink elephants if you wish!

There is no need to worry about rigging – the structure enables lights to be set up in a way unique to domes by hanging straight off the framework. The internal structure also benefits when creating your own production sets by supplying a readily available creative platform to work from.

Environmentally Sound...

This dome is an eco host. The frame is made out of reclaimed aluminium, and the canvass 100% cotton, waterproof, sunproof and easy to heat (and keep cool) resulting in low co2 carbon emissions.


The dome is manufacture from 1 5/8 aluminium tube and 12oz cotton canvas. It is 10 meters in diameter and has a floor space of approximately 78 meters squared.

The dome is capable of holding approximately 150 people depending on configuration.

Booking information

The G-dome comes complete with the following items:

  • Fully combined (business and employee) public liability insurance
  • Erection and dismantling of the G-dome
  • All transport and delivery for dome hire
  • All G-dome crew accommodation
  • Health and safety risk assessments

It takes approximately 4 hours to erect, and an additional 4 hours to dismantle, therefore an additional ½ day (of daylight hours) will be added prior to and after the dome hire dates. However the G-dome can be erected during the evening if required and we can provide site lighting at an additional cost.

Additional Services

Geodeasy Limited offers a range of additional products and services, if you require any further assistance or advice regarding your event please don’t hesitate to contact us